Land Services

Prime Global Properties sell lands in prime and rapidly developing locations in Ghana to individuals, businesses and organizations.

Land Documentation

We do necessary documents (indenture, site plan, Barcode site plan etc) for individuals and organizations who have acquired land and require proper documents to effect transfer of ownership. We also help with the acquisition of building permits from relevant authorities.

Land Registration

We facilitate and assist in the Land registration process. We help you understand the land registration process and stages of registration. We help to put together the right documents or instruments required for registration. We also help you get to the right department of the lands commission where you can get your property registered.

Land surveying

Prime Global Properties offer land surveying and mapping services to both corporate organizations and individuals.

Architectural Designs

We provide architectural designs for individuals and organizations, consultancy and 3D modeling. Our computing capability includes the Auto Cad Civil 3D etc. We're fully supported with the latest technical design software for differing spectrum of jobs.

Building Cost Estimation

We prepare Bill Of Quantity (BOQ) for both residential structures and commercial structures.

Building and Construction

We undertake real estate development projects for organisations looking to enter into retail housing. We efficiently construct units to cater for various family sizes. We have a versatile structure that enables us to execute on any building project - based on your timelines and budget. If it's a building, we can raise it up! We major in Real Estate Development.

Property Valuation

Property valuation takes a crucial part in the real estate industry. It determines the value of the property for sellers and buyers, considering market data, condition, location, income generation potential, etc. Prime Global Properties offers a Comparative Market Analysis to clients to help them gain a better understanding of the market and provide the assistance in the process of selling or buying the property. This will help to ensure that you list your property for sale or rent through Prime Global Properties, knowing its true value on the current market.

Property Management

We offer a full scope of management services for an all in-house experience. By listing rental properties, screening tenants, and handling initial deposits, repairs, and notices to resolving disputes, the property management team takes away the hassle of emergencies, complaints, maintenance, and paperwork away from the client.

Property Consultancy

Investors who are looking to purchase land, real estate, commercial or industrial properties can all benefit from Prime Global Properties consultancy services. Our goal in providing these services is to ensure that you are getting a genuine property and genuine documents from the right owner as well as getting the best deal possible out of your investment. We take a personal approach to all aspects of property consultancy, which ensures that everybody – seller and buyer – is satisfied with the transaction.

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